About Me

Well Hello! My name is Aaron Brandley.

MeJust like many of you out there, I get caught every day with my hands in about 10-15 different cookie jars. We move effortlessly, at times, from one passion to another: responsibilities and privileges as spouses, parents, siblings and children; assignments and activities in the community, church and with friends; entrepreneurial and/or work-related chores and accomplishments; and then there are the hobbies we enjoy (Frisbee Football! Hiking!), skills we are trying to improve (Playing the Piano), health and fitness goals we are fighting to achieve (More Upper-Body Strength) and habits we are determined to either break (Too Many to List Here) or create (Stronger Relationship with the Creator).

This little blog allows me to discuss many of the business-related projects with which I am involved – all of which help the improve the app user experience by providing app developers with the tools they need to do just that.

App User Magazine ~Sharing apps that enhance and optimize the lives of our readers.
Trust Guard ~ The leader in website security and verification.
Rhino Support ~ Offering Live Chat Support and other cool features.
4x Buyer Protection ~ Providing four unique ways to protect consumers.
Conversion Seals ~ Giving online business owners a guaranteed way to increase sales.

Of course, I am involved in other business activities as well such as bringing the last batch of un-translated Dead Sea Scrolls to America, creating a TV show like Shark Tank – except that our viewing audience can immediately purchase the product and invest in the company, and helping to create a stock market independent of the other markets with no monkey business – if you own it, you can sell it, period.

If you ever want to contact me, you can do so at aaronbrandley@gmail.com. If I can help you, I will. Full disclosure: the attached picture was taken about 30 years, 30 pounds, and 30 shades of gray ago. But hey, it makes me smile so I’m leaving it.


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