Two Strategies to Improve Your Conversion Rate

Here are two strategies you can implement right now to make more money more often online.

Transparent Shipping Charges

Free shipping is the best shipping policy, but if offering free shipping is not an option, it’s critical to at least make your shipping policies known to your potential customers before they reach the checkout process. No one wants to be surprised by a last-minute, unexpected shipping charge. It’s a good idea to highlight your shipping policies prominently on your website before users reach the checkout process.

4x-sample-sealIf you provide shipping insurance for your customers, your conversion rate is guaranteed to improve. The 4x Buyer Protection program provides shipping insurance for your customers’ online purchases. It also protects against lost, damaged or stolen items while in transit. In the event that a shipment gets lost or damaged in transit, the customer files a claim at When people see the 4x trust seal on your site, more of them will do what you want them to do.

Returns & Refunds

When shopping online, the need for a generous return policy is even greater than when shopping in brick and mortar stores. This is because the customer does not know precisely how an item fits or what it will look like in person. They can’t feel it or taste it. Without a generous return policy, e-commerce retailers risk losing customers who are worried they’ll be stuck with a product they don’t love. When you clearly outline return policies on your website, potential customers feel the peace of mind they need to make the buying decision. On the other hand, those potential customers who can’t find information on returns may give up on the purchase process altogether.


To assist with improving your conversion rate, we suggest offering your visitors a Terms of Service Guarantee. What is a Terms of Service Guarantee like the one offered by 4x Buyer Protection? Simply put, it makes sure that products purchased will perform according to your website’s terms of the sale. This is true for the 30 days directly following the date of purchase. A Service Guarantee is a warranty; it is not an insurance policy. The Service Guarantee period starts when the customer registers.

If the terms of sale as stated on the merchant’s website have not been satisfied after they’ve tried to contact you, 4x steps in and makes it right or refunds the full value of the item purchased up to a maximum of $500. It’s easy to see how offering your visitors a product like this could substantially increase your conversion rate.

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