Brian Krebs, Security Guru, Recommends Paying Extra for Quality Hardware

“The problem is that cyber crime is easy,” security professional Brian Krebs says. Too many individuals and organizations buy cheap hardware. They can’t imagine the damage millions of slightly-too-stupid routers can do. Most owners of the hijacked devices that participated in the attack that took down websites, including Netflix, Twitter, Reddit, CNN, and PayPal, as well as the entire country of Liberia earlier this year never knew their property had been used to pull millions of computers offline.

“It’s cheap to make hardware that works,” Krebs says.

It’s much more expensive to make sure it works only for you. “There are companies that have zero interest in designing a secure device; they just cobble together software libraries.”


When laypeople write to him, Krebs says, it’s often to beg for help. “People get so frustrated and they’re scared and the clock is ticking and they don’t know what to do,” he says. “They ask where do I go? Who do I turn to?” The Payment Card Industry (PCI) is a good place to go for advice. There are always providing concerned citizens and e-commerce owners with tips and regulations to stay safe on the internet. They require e-commerce sites to run security scans*, like those offered by ….

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