Five Ways to Combat Cyber Crime

Like most theft, cyber crime tends to follow the path of least resistance.  For paid security monitoring for your website, contact Trust Guard. They’ll help you combat cyber crime by scanning your website for more than 75,500 known vulnerabilities used by hackers to really screw things up.


Here are five online safety tips anyone can follow, for free, to make life harder for people looking for an easy way to steal your personal or financial information – whether you’re a business owner or not.

1. Use multifactor authentication.

2. Don’t share passwords across websites.

3. Refuse to give up information whenever you can.

4. Check your bank balance regularly.

5. Close down services you don’t use any more.

Everyone can and should do their small part to keep their personally identifiable information safe and protected. These five tips should help.

There is tons more content about each tip in the original article.
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