Your Website Needs a Lifeguard!

Lifeguard for your website

You wouldn’t swim in a public swimming pool or at the beach without a lifeguard on duty, would you?

Well, you shouldn’t spend time on a website that isn’t secured by Trust Guard either. And if you’re an online business owner, you shouldn’t let your potential and current customers run around on your website, confidently sharing their personally identifiable information with you, without Trust Guard their to protect them.

To ensure that your online visitors know that you have an experienced lifeguard on duty, Trust Guard provides business owners with a trust seal. It’s a small digital image that can be placed on the front page, footer, and checkout pages to show concerned citizens that your site is periodically scanned to keep shark-like hackers away from your site. Several cases studies have proven that when people on your site see the Trust Guard Security Scanned trust seal, 15% more of them (on average) will buy from you.

Just like beaches with lifeguards are always busier than beaches without lifeguards, so are websites that use Trust Guard.

Visit Trust Guard today to access their reasonably priced, guaranteed, online lifeguard services.

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