Generate More Sales & Traffic with Pinterest!

Pinterest, when initially launched, took the world by storm, while the social network skeptics called it just another site. Since then, this company has come a long way. Today it is successfully used to promote business around the world, including TopDentistsOnline. But, at the end of the day, it all comes down to traffic and sales.

PinterestIn that respect, Pinterest is among one of the highest referral-driving social media platforms after Facebook. Unlike Facebook posts, a pin does not get lost in the sea of billions. They, on the contrary, tend to have an average lifespan of 3.5 months. Though highly effective, this platform can waste a lot of your precious time. So, in order to generate traffic and sales without wasting too much time, a few tools can be used to automate the tedious activities involved in posting and to increase the brand’s exposure.

Design beautiful viral images for Pinterest using Canva

Pinterest is all about posting and pinning viral pictures with a perfect content along with it. To make that happen, Canva is an awesome image editing tool that already has predesigned templates tailored for Pinterest and other social media platforms, blog posts, or websites. Further, the image in it can be optimized at 2:3 aspect ratio that is absolutely perfect for pinning. A paid version of Canva will let users create images with transparent backgrounds for a more professional feel. 

PinterestThis tool has tons of stunning layouts that make it easy for even a novice to craft viral as well as beautiful looking pins. It’s all possible because of its user-friendly interface, that allows you to easily view the changes in your image and the templates you choose, all side by side. Engagements on Pinterest have shown to increase 15 % traffic when tall images are used. Whereas, the pictures with dominant colors and less than 30% background are said to get more response. Another perfect and incredibly useful alternative to this one is Pinstamatic. Go get creative now!

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