Trolls & Hackers are Bullies!

Trolls and hackers are similar to each other in several ways. Both species are annoying and enjoy causing problems.

I’m not talking about the trolls that try to upset everyone in online forums with rude and obnoxious posts. Although, who’s to say that that’s not how hackers spend their free time. Here are five ways that hackers compare to trolls.


Living Conditions

Both are cave dwellers or live under bridges. The point here is that hackers keep to themselves. They ostracize themselves from society and spend their time alone in dark basements until they strike it rich at other people’s expense. Then they move into a plush penthouse with exceptional security. In both cases, they separate themselves from the rest of us and usually live in somewhat unhealthy, secluded environments.

Thinking of Them Incites Fear

Just the thought of coming into contact with a hacker should make you want to shrivel up and hide. They can access sites that are not secure. That’s why so many online businesses stay as far away from them as possible by scanning their sites for vulnerabilities that hackers use to get into sites and mess things up.

They Destroy Things

Hackers are  good at making beautiful websites completely shut-down or go to a different URL. What was once a well-oiled machine, when touched by the hand of a hacker, is quickly destroyed. Like a troll that loves busting your vehicle in half, or throwing you half-way across the river, hackers like to…

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