Increase Customer Support Efficiency with Chat Bots

Bots are becoming more recognizable thanks to their usefulness in the customer service industry. Have you tried using them?


Traditionally, as companies grow in revenue, customer service costs grow as well. Companies have constantly sought ways to minimize these costs through nearshoring, offshoring, and now, through customer support bots. Companies like RBS, KLM, Disney Stores and Overstock are eagerly innovating with intelligent bot technologies. Such technologies are hailed as the solution to scaling customer care delivery.

There are two basic types of customer service bots: “front end bots” and “bot-assisted agents.” A “front end bot” is a conversational computer program that interacts directly with a customer without human intervention. A “bot-assisted agent” is a human agent who is supported by bot technology. Other people call this model “cyborg” or “human in the loop.”

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