Business Owners: Save Money Now!

There are lots of ways for business owners to save money. These apps can save you money, improve your online security, increase your sales, and make you look like the coolest kid on the block again.


Trust Guard is the global leader in PCI compliance and website security. Want to keep hackers off your site? Get Trust Guard. Want to increase your conversion rate by an average of 15%? Get Trust Guard. Their scanning and trust seal services will significantly reduce your online risks and liabilities and are always a bargain. But they are never less expensive than they are right now! Use the code STO50 to receive 50% off any of the Trust Guard family of online sales-boosting and security enhancing services.



If you plan to shop at Target, download this separate coupon app. You can browse through the hundreds of coupons or use the app to scan the barcode of every item you throw in your cart. When you do that, Cartwheel will tell if you if there’s a coupon you can use or suggest a similar product that does have a deal. When you get to the register to pay, just show the app; there’s a barcode the cashier will scan to apply the discounts. Recent deals include 25 percent off the latest “Call of Duty” video game and save 30 percent on a set of wireless headphones.

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Do you need a discount on website security? Use STO50 when you visit Trust

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