Are Your Websites’ Windows Locked?

Here are two tips to help keep your website’s windows locked. These tips are not comprehensive. They are for business owners who want to reduce the chances that their websites will be compromised by hackers.

Protect your devices

Install updates, especially for your software, operating system, and your browser as soon as they’re made available. The most important kinds of software updates you can make are those for the operating system itself and for your browser. This is because Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, and the rest are common points of entry for attackers. You should also update password managers and other apps on your system.

windows_to_websiteScan your site for security threats

Part of PCI compliance is the continual scanning of your website/server for unlocked windows otherwise known as vulnerabilities that hackers use to sneak into your website and take whatever they want. Trust Guard is the leader in website security. Their Security Scanned service will check for more than 75,500 potential issues. If they find any holes, they will provide you with a detailed description on how to fix the problem. You should repair the issue as quick as possible to lock your website’s windows.

Watching the movie “Masterminds” showed us that even people who aren’t rocket scientists can often figure out a way to get what they want. Did you know that hackers break into 30,000 websites a day? Certainly, not all of them have a four-year IT degree from a respected university. Scanning your site for vulnerabilities and installing updates in a timely manner are two simple things that you can do to keep your website’s windows locked which will keep you in business for many years to come.

You can read the full article here:

To visit Trust Guard to learn more about online website security and keeping your website’s windows locked and secure, click here!

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