Hire Bouncers for Your Digital Night Club!

In many ways, you probably wish your website was as popular as your local night club.

~  You want lots of interesting, upbeat, energetic people to visit often.
~  You want them to bring their like-minded friends with them.
~  You want them to stay for a really long time.
~  You want them to enjoy every minute that they are with you.
~  You want them to anxiously plan for the next time they can visit.
~  You want them to happily spend lots and lots of money every time they visit.
~  When they’re away, you want them to talk about the awesome experiences from their visit with everyone they meet.

There are probably other similarities, but those are enough to help you see that there are quite a few comparisons between successful night clubs and successful websites. Here’s another comparison: just like night clubs constantly have troublemakers that try to ruin everything, websites have hackers that try to do the same thing.

Hackers can create problems for your website like installing trojans, viruses, re-directions, and malware. It is literally impossible for your visitors to have a good time on your website once hackers show up! Like a night club without a bouncer, your vulnerable website allows rascals to completely shut down the trendy, lovable destination in a matter of seconds. Gone are your good name and reputation for awesomeness. Worse yet, if you are ill-prepared, hackers can steal an online visitor’s personal and financial information – causing you long-term legal and monetary headaches.


But there is a way to ward off these no-good rabble-rousers. Just like night club owners have bouncers to help maintain and restore peace, you have Trust Guard. Simply put, Trust Guard’s website security scans help you get rid of and stay protected from online riff-raff. Their PCI compliant, vulnerability scans will search your site daily for more than 75,000 possible security holes. If they find any issues on your site, their detailed report will tell you exactly what you need to do to physically remove any unwanted risk.

Read the full article here:

Does your website need a bouncer to fight online riff-raff? Order Trust Guard’s daily PCI compliant security scanning and accompanying trust seal.

4 thoughts on “Hire Bouncers for Your Digital Night Club!

  1. pel3tech says:

    This article reminds me of an individual I ran across last year. He ran a live online gaming site where others could create an account on his site, upload/download online games, & play them. His audience was world wide so he had a variety of “customers”. His problem came when he allowed his protection system to lapse & pretty much as soon as it did, his system along with the PII of his users became compromised. He ultimately shut the site down to fix the problem & of course conducted damage control with his users.

    I am not a big fan of online gaming or gaming in general. However, no matter what you do online you need some type of protection for the many cyber threats out there.


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