Hackers Are Bullies!


There has been a ton of emphasis on bullying lately. Many good-hearted people are attempting to remove it permanently from the schools. With so much focus, it’s a wonder we haven’t discussed the role that hackers play as bullies.

We often hear about the abuses they’ve performed on big, strong companies like Yahoo, Google, Best Buy, Target, and others. But we seldom hear about the more than 20 online attacks per minute on WordPress sites. These are usually the little guys. The start-ups. People without a lot of money or know-how to get an IT guy to build their site from scratch.

hair_out_-_bulliesImagine their frustration when they find out that Google has found malware on their site, or that their customers who thought that they were signing up for your newsletter have had their personal information stolen instead.

Little kids who get picked on have teachers, parents, and other kids who can help stop the bullies from doing any more damage.

But who helps the online business owners who are bullied by hackers? Trust Guard!

Trust Guard puts a Trust Guard Favicon - Blog shield of protection Trust Guard Favicon - Blog between the David-like business owner and the Goliath-like hacker.

Read the full article here:

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