Corporate Officers are Getting More Involved with Customer Service


How well is your company doing at providing exceptional customer service?

Sometimes, the only way for c-level officers to answer this question is to get intricately involved in the customer support process.

Customers today are resourceful. It is easy to Google names of c-level officers. Frustrations can then be sent directly to someone with clout, rather than slowly being passed up the line of authority. So, whether they want to or not, more upper-level executives are getting involved in customer support activities.

If senior leaders incorporate customer experience into the corporate culture and make it an integral part of the training and everyday processes, it tends to be more successful than if a lower-level employee tried to start a similar initiative.

Many officers have been finding unique and valuable ways to get involved in customer service. If you follow their lead, you can make a big difference to your current and potential customers.

Read the full article here:

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