The Top Three Mistakes Regarding PCI Compliance


The truth is that most business owners misunderstand PCI compliance and website security in general. That’s why mistakes – avoidable mistakes – are made. The result is significant economic, legal and reputational problems. Some online businesses get hacked just when they start producing revenue. Others have their websites compromised when they’re making millions. Regardless, it’s always a struggle to get back on track after losing control of your website.

Here are the top three mistakes that business owners make when it comes to PCI compliance and online security.

Your organization doesn’t understand online security and PCI compliance.

Your organization puts PCI compliance before online security.

Your organization is using an unsafe provider.


If you’re struggling to understand PCI compliance and online security, you’re not alone. But with the right approach and a little help from companies like Trust Guard, you can lighten your PCI compliance burden and strengthen your security at the same time.

Keep your site safe. Protect your site from hackers. Enjoy the fruits of your labor. Let Trust Guard scan your site for security vulnerabilities. They’ll let you know if they find any problems and tell you what to do to fix them.

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