Young Adults Care About Their Online Security

True, they may be more concerned about their parents seeing their now-public photos and messages than a hacker, but a recent study shows that young adults care about their online security.

According to a study by Pew Research, titled The state of privacy in post-Snowden America, young adults are generally more focused than are their elders when it comes to online privacy.


The study brackets 18-29 year-olds as young adults. It shows that the majority of these people care about keeping some control over their personally identifiable information. The people teens are most worried about are their parents.

We all should be protecting ourselves better online. This includes creating unique usernames and passwords. It also includes changing those usernames and passwords at least every three months. We can all refrain from clicking on links – even if we’re sure they came from friends. Our friend’s account may have been hacked. That’s why we should be extremely careful before clicking on them.

Read the full article here:

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