The Online Ad Industry is Concerned about Malvertisements

Most people use ad blockers because they’re irritated with some of the intrusive ways ads are presented. But there are also compelling security arguments behind ad blockers. By blocking ads, consumers are better insulated against security risks from infected advertisements.


The social media site Reddit, which can be a rich traffic source for publishers, warns users of links to content that demand that people disable their ad blockers, including publishers such as Forbes and Wired. “Warning! Disabling your ad blocker may open you up to malware infections, malicious cookies and can expose you to unwanted tracker networks,” Reddit’s warning says. “Proceed with caution.”

Many publishers are pushing back, warning users that they can no longer access free content if ad-blocker software is enabled. That forces security-conscious users to make an uncomfortable choice: open up their computer to attacks or forgo the content. This is a choice more and more online visitors are having to make. And many are making the choice to leave the site that makes them look at ads – whether or not those ads are malvertisements. This is especially true if the site isn’t scanned on a daily basis to search for potential security holes.

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