Ronald Nutter Writes Book about Online Security

Learn how to improve your online security skills by reading Ronald Nutter’s new book “The Hackers Are Coming.” This online security expert will help you choose the best password management and two-factor authentication tools.

These tools won’t keep breaches like the one at Yahoo from happening, you’ll need daily vulnerability scanning to even have a chance of staying hacker free, but they’ll slow hackers down enough that they might move on to the next victim.

book_about_hackersAccording to Nutter, “Your social media or website presence is something that is valuable and needs to be protected. Look at it this way – would you rather invest a little time and money to protect your social media and website present now or potentially spend thousands or tens of thousands of dollars ?

“Here is why you should be concerned about this- “55% of net users use the same password for most, if not all, websites” Sophos “Users report their Groupon account have been compromised or hacked” Christian Science Monitor. “Stolen Twitter accounts ‘more’ valuable than credit cards” ZDNet.”

Read the full article here:

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