If Your Business Needs Live Chat, Consider Rhino Support or ZenDesk

If you have an online business, you know that you need Live Chat. Take a minute to review the best live chat and helpdesk support option for your site. Maybe that is what brought you to our blog! While researching your live chat options, you want to know which company will be the best for your business.

Focus –
Zendesk is focused on medium to large companies while Rhino Support focuses on small-to-medium sized businesses. Does your company have complex support needs (Zendesk)? Or are you looking for a simple yet effective support system that can grow with your needs (Rhino Support)?

The Amount of Websites
Rhino Support offers a multi-account manager that lets you manage multiple websites with unlimited agents. Zendesk only works for one website. If you want additional websites, you pay double or triple the monthly fees.

live chat
Compare all your options and decide which Live Chat and Help-Desk service will be the best for you and your online business. Chances are, if you are a small-to-medium business that wants an easy-to-use live chat support system that will fit within your budget, Rhino Support is the right choice.

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