NSA is Hacked. Secret Codes Stolen.

Unnamed law enforcement and intelligence sources told the New York Times that, like Mr. Snowden, the contractor accused of stealing a secret code worked for consulting firm Booz Allen, which is behind many of the NSA’s most sensitive cyber operations. In 2013, Mr. Snowden leaked more than 1.5 million documents relating to the agency’s surveillance programs, including some that targeted US citizens.


The contractor in this legal case was named in a criminal complaint announced by the Justice Department. His name is Harold Thomas Martin III. The 51-year-old Mr. Martin lives in Glen Burnie, Maryland near the NSA’s Fort Meade headquarters. He has been in custody since August 2016 according to the Associated Press.

If the NSA is hackable, business owners should finally realize that their websites could also get hacked. Trust Guard can monitor their sites, helping to keep hackers away.

Read more about the problematic data compromise here:

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