Key Techniques for Creating an Effective Customer Support Team

Whether you are the customer support team or you have an army of 10,000 agents, this article can help you improve your efforts.

Is your business-to-business company going through fundamental shifts in how your support team interacts with customers? Do you still funnel everything through one person who seeks out answers from different departments? Many businesses now employ support agents who know a little about everything. These agents specialize in answering customer questions. They save time for the rep (no need to track down who has the right answer). They also save time for the customer (who can ask questions directly to specialized employees).b2b

So what are some ways to best develop your customer support team? Here are 4 ideas:

1. Don’t take a “one and done” approach.

2. Promote collaboration to solve issues.

3. Test (and develop) technical proficiencies.

4. Communicate the big picture.

Read the full article (with over 600 words of content) here:

4 Ways to Develop Your Customer Support Team

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