Preparing a Customer Service Program Will “Warm You Twice”

Henry Ford was quoted as saying “Chop your own wood and it will warm you twice.” The same is true when you prepare a customer service program.

The process that your team goes through in preparing your customer service program is just as valuable as the end result. First, you warm your inside (uniting your team). Then you warm your outside (uniting your customers to your brand). At the end of the day, everyone is warm!service

You may be struggling to add a customer service program to your list of important activities. If so, perhaps this article will help you “jump into the fire” so to speak.

We know there is resistance. There are fears that the process will be long and tedious and that it won’t bear the fruit we seek – that it will cost too much money and not give the desired results.

However, even if you bring in a partner like Rhino Support, Micah Solomon from believes that “long before your company benefits from the end result—a sustainably improved customer service framework—you grow as an organization from the exercise of putting together that new framework: from the excitement, commitment, and focus that grows throughout your organization as you shine a light on the importance of improving things in the customer service arena.”

Read the full article here:

Preparing a Customer Service Program “Warms You Twice”

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