Will Fingerprints Rule Over Passwords?

Paul Lee, head of technology, media, and telecoms research at Deloitte, said that using fingerprints to access email, online banking, streaming services such as Spotify and Netflix and newspaper subscriptions would help consumers who may feel overwhelmed by the number of passwords they have to remember.


People have dozens of online accounts. They cannot remember that many different passwords so chances are, unless they use a site like LastPass, they will use the same one. The fingerprint provides an alternative. Deloitte calculates that in the UK alone, the tips of our fingers are now read more than 100 billion times a year.

Fingerprints will rule over online passwords when mobile devices rule over computers and laptops in the not-too-distant future!

Read the entire article here:

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4 thoughts on “Will Fingerprints Rule Over Passwords?

  1. Aaron Brandley says:

    According to Kaspersky, the current fingerprint sensors are not flawless. Old capacitive scanners hardly recognize wet fingerprints and in many cases they often do not work at the first attempt. So if your hands are sweaty in summer or during workouts, your smartphone may dig its heels in and not recognize you. Scars, scratches, and other skin flaws also decrease the recognition quality. Moreover, many sensors cannot distinguish a real finger from a cast — and this is a really big hole in security.

    Some of these problems may be solved when Qualcomm releases the ultrasonic sensor, which uses ultrasound to scan a 3D image of your finger. It won’t be fooled by a cast of your finger. Besides, the new ultrasonic sensor works even if your finger is dirty or wet. But there are still other threats.

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