Protect Yourself from Fake Shopping Sites

Like most of you, I have my sites I trust and from the comfort of my own sofa, I can beat the long lines and shop from home. It’s quick and easy. However, I was surprised to find out that many consumers have come across fake shopping sites that appear to be based in the United States but are really based overseas where many of the legal protections for shoppers are unenforceable.


These days, people can empower themselves. Several for-the-people companies provide ways to educate and protect consumers. Trust Guard, for example, provides Business Verification Seals and gives business owners the ability to offer 4 unique protective services to their clients. If you do fall victim to fake shopping sites or experience any misleading or fraudulent activity, contact the Federal Trade Commission,

Tons more tips and strategies are given in the original article.

Click the following link to read the whole article:

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