How Important is Your Average Handle Time?

aht_-rhinoAn important KPI (Key Performance Indicator) for judging your customer support staff is their Average Handle Time. It is a popular metric whether they are phone, email or live chat agents. But let’s take a step back and think about this for a minute. Instead of motivating them by saying “You gotta get faster!” or “Why did you hang up on them so quickly?” maybe you should try these techniques instead:

Review some of the longer interactions and identify reasons why they went long. You may find that agents are placing callers on hold because they don’t know the answers.

Look at the short interactions and make sure the quality of the customer service being provided is where you expect it to be.

Listen to the content of the interactions. This is a great tool for better understanding the energy and attitude that your customer support agents portray to your current and potential customers.

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