What are you doing to lose customers?

Here is one of four sure-fire ways you can improve your business relationships:

Put a small mirror in front of them on their desks.

Print out a sheet of paper with the words: “Smile! We love our customers!” written on it. Cut the paper into a thin strip and tape it to the bottom of the mirror. While working in the rent-to-own industry, we always tried to promote from within. I had an employee who was an exceptional delivery man, but I knew he could do more. One day he was talking to a customer and I could tell things weren’t going well – for either of them. There was  a mirror behind him. I had the idea to put it in front of him, so I did.

Then I made the biggest, nerdiest smile I could. He laughed and actually told the customer why he was laughing and apologized for possibly sounding disinterested in or annoyed at what she was saying. He won back the customer and I feel like I won back my employee. The mirror stayed in front of him. I added the thin strip of paper with the words “Smile! We love our customers!” on it. In less than a year, he was running his own store.

The full article has other customer service strategies you need to read!

Read the full article here:

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