How to Complain Effectively


You pay for something, get it and move on. That’s how business is supposed to work.

When things don’t go so smoothly, you may have to complain to a customer service rep.

When you do, there are certain things you should never do if you actually want things to go your way.

Don’t make threats – even when on a live chat. “If you don’t refund my money, I will take you to court.”

163541848Demanding language should never be used. In fact, the words “court,” “lawyer” and “legal action” are all negative triggers. Instead of solving the matter, a company may send your file straight to its legal department where it could sit for weeks, even months.

Other mistakes are:
~ Writing extensive letters. Just keep it simple.
~ Yelling at the customer service rep. Don’t yell when using live chat either by using all caps.

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