Seven Strategies to Improve Your E-Commerce Business


Here are seven strategies to help you succeed in your e-commerce business, as provided by Stephanie Walden of Mashable:

  1. Create a user-oriented experience
  2. Design a service that you’d want to use yourself
    CEO of Trust Guard Dave Brandley created the renowned Rhino Support (live chat and customer support services) because of his frustrations with other providers.  We’d all do well to create products and services that we would want to use.
  3. Customer feedback is crucial
    Getting feedback from our customers, say from a quality rating and review software like Shopper Approved, is important. But heeding our customers’ advice and listening to their needs is even more important. They’ll tell us want they want. It’s our job to pay attention.
  4. Utilize – but don’t rely on – social media exclusively
  5. Invest in mobile
  6. Incentivize customers
  7. Be ever-evolving

    Running a business is hard enough – without all the online and mobile intricacies. My hope is that Stephanie’s seven strategies will help make it a little easier for you to focus on what really matters.

    To read my full article, follow this link:

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