The Ten Most Common Website Security Vulnerabilities (Part 2)

Hopefully, you were able to read the first part of this article, which discusses the first five most common website security vulnerabilities.


Too many online companies wait until after a data breach has occurred until website security becomes a priority. With daily instances of small and large-scale hacks, it’s odd that many still maintain the “it won’t happen to me” attitude until it happens to them.

Here are the final five vulnerabilities that can cause issues with your website’s security:

Common Mistake #6: Sensitive Data Exposure
Common Mistake #7: Missing Function Level Access Control
Common Mistake #8: Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF)
Common Mistake #9: Using Components with Known Vulnerabilities
Common Mistake #10: Unvalidated Redirects and Forwards

An effective approach to website security must be proactive and defensive. The idea here is to inject the reader with a healthy dose of paranoia so that website security measures can be taken now.

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