County in Texas Gets Attacked by Ransomware!

Tarrant County, the third largest county in Texas, was the most recent victim of ransomware. Luckily the county reacted quickly and damages were minimized. Ransomware is a sophisticated piece of malware (malicious software) that blocks the victim’s access to his/her files until a sum of money is paid.


If you find yourself victim to a ransomware attack, we encourage you to communicate with your current security software company. Trust Guard, the leader in website security, helps thousands of companies keep their websites safe from ransomware and other malware attacks by providing business owners with scheduled vulnerability scans and accompanying detailed reports.

If you don’t have an online security partner, you’re just asking for trouble. Companies like Trust Guard also provide seals – small images that you display on your site to show online visitors that you care about your website’s security. Such trust seals have been proven to increase sales and conversion rates by an average of 15%!

Read the full article here:

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