Website Owners Operating in the USA Need Privacy Policies

main-logoMost countries, the United States included, have privacy laws that require business owners and app developers to include a privacy policy – a statement describing their data collection as a disclosing service to their visitors or users. The collection or sharing of personal information like names, emails, images or any other means of identifying a returning user (the way ad networks serve targeted advertising for example) must be disclosed. “Commercial” is an often used trigger for privacy policies, which is generally defined broadly in order for it to cover a wide range of cases. If you sell data to a third-party, that’s OK – as long as you make your intentions clear to the people who will be providing the information.

If you’re a business owner or app developer in need of a free privacy policy generator – with no strings attached – contact our friends at Sure, you can pick up one of their Privacy Safe trust seals to display on your site for your visitors to see (guaranteed to increase your business), but that is just an option, not a requirement. After all, who doesn’t like keeping the law and making more money at the same time?
maya_privacy_policyRead more about this important topic here:

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