4x’s Powerful Sales-Inducing Benefits

Imagine that you are a business owner that has a product that you sell for $49. How many extra products would you have to sell each month to make up for the $49 monthly fee for a service – one almost guaranteed to increase your sales? Let’s say that for each powerful benefit of 4x Buyer Protection you received an extra sale – equaling four additional sales every month. Would that be worth it to you?

How about the loyal bond – the peace of mind – that you will provide your customers? What is it worth to you to finally start getting additional sales from people visiting your site who never seemed to buy before – or for you subscription-based companies – what would you pay for dedicated customers that never go away? How many more of your customers do you think would write up a testimonial for you, or tell their friends about you because you provide these four benefits with no out-of-pocket expense to them?

Start increasing your sales and building better relationships with your customers by offering them 4x Buyer Protection services today!

4x Is Worth the Cost

Read the full article here.

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