Who Do You Know Who’s Been Hacked?


Everyone thinks that hacking only happens to other people. All of us know a business owner who’s website has been hacked. It’s like we’re saying “I saw that you put your hand on the hot stove and burned yourself, but until I get burned myself, I won’t know how bad it hurts.”

The link at the bottom of this article will show you tons of big-time businesses that all got “their hands burned” by hackers during the last few years. Of course, we all know that to list everyone who has been hacked would take tons of pages and too much time. Just with websites set up through WordPress there are more than 28,000 hacks occurring daily -some taking confidential data, some moving the site, and some shutting it down completely.

We suggest getting a security scan performed on your website on a daily or at least quarterly basis as required by the payment card industry. Trust Guard monitors sites for more than 75,000 vulnerabilities used by hackers to screw things up. Don’t get burned. Believe me, it hurts!


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