Free Privacy Policies for App Developers

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Mobile app stores everywhere are requiring app developers to provide privacy policies when they register their apps. One article explains how the entire the global marketplace will be affected by making privacy policies visible to app users everywhere who download apps through the Android Marketplace, the App Store or any of the other platforms hosted by the participating companies. This because of an agreement in 2012 between California’s Attorney General and app stores like Amazon, Google Play and Apple. To read the entire article and learn more about this agreement, click here.

One company is making this potential headache a quick and simple fix by providing free privacy policies for app developers. Simply answer a few questions regarding how the app will use and share private information and the site immediately creates the document based on the answers. All the app developer needs to do at that point is paste the code for the document on his website that is linked to the app and his/her job as it relates to the need for a privacy policy is finished. They’ve already given away almost 500,000 free privacy policies. To get yours, click heremain-logo

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